passengers on boat photographing killer whales in water

Bremer Bay + killer whales

Head to Bremer Bay this summer to see killer whales!

Summer in Bremer Bay is busy enough as holiday-makers trek there to soak up the sun, surf the breaks, fish, snorkle, play tennis, bowls or golf.  The arrival of the orca or killer whale at the off shore site of the Bremer Canyon means there are even more visitors are on the road to this remote location on The Amazing South Coast of Western Australia.  Relax!  Let Busy Blue Bus Tours + Charters do the driving!

For the journey to Bremer Bay from Albany, consider our daily departures of transport.  From 6th Jan – 31st Mar 2019 Busy Blue Bus Tours + Charters will depart every day at 5.30am from the Albany Visitor Centre.  This transport option enables you to get to Bremer Bay in two hours for just $120 return and is timed to ensure you arrive to catch an expedition vessel to the Bremer Canyon.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the apex marine feeder the killer whale; also referred to as the orca active in the feeding ground of the Southern Ocean.  Stand alongside scientists and marine biologists who will guide you to a greater understanding of the action in the water.

See also bird life and other ocean creatures that gather for the scraps of the feasting.  An exhilarating and tiring day out on the water.  Sit back and relax as we drive you safely back to Albany. Call us on (08) 98422133 to discuss a departure. Email for further departure detail.  Check out information. Book on our website 

Killer whale expedition from AUD$505.00
  • Duration: 13 Hours (approx.)
  • Daily departure: 5.30am, Albany, WA
passengers on boat photographing killer whales in water
Killer whale surfacing water
A pod of orcas swimming underwater towards the viewer
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