Bluff Knoll Snow Day

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Thursday 6th July 2017 Busy Blue Bus got to see snow on Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Range National Park!

Our driver Tim was there from 7am – 4pm chauffeuring families and groups from the Bluff Knoll Cafe up to the start of the 6km walk.  This complimentary shuttle served to alleviate traffic in the area and to significantly decrease the wait time once the car park had filled.  Through thick fog, flurries of snow and some very cool winds everyone made it to the summit for the chance to build a snowman, throw a snowball and if particularly adventurous (mad) make a snow angel!

With temperatures reaching as low as 2.8°C and an expected 8 hours of snowfall people rushed from across the state for the chance to experience this rare weather event in Western Auatralia.


GWN7 reported on the event including some great footage of Tim on one of our coasters providing the service, if you missed the news broadcast check our the video below!