Where will my child get on the bus?

Locate your town service from the list below. Click on the map and explore the routes to find the closest dedicated stop to your front gate. No stop close to you? Call Helen on 0428 276 031.

What time will the bus come in the morning and afternoon?

Locate your town service from the list below. Click on the timetable (town services only) to find out what time the bus will be at your child’s pick-up point.

I have registered online with the Public Transport Authority, what do I do next?

PTA will notify you that your application for transport assistance has been accepted. PTA will also notify the contractor who will communicate with you about bus routes and pick-up times.

Do I need to tell the driver that my child is not on the bus today?

Yes please! You will be provided with the driver’s details when you first commence, or details can be found by locating the service from the list below. Either phone or text the driver to let them know your child won’t be travelling.

My child has special health requirements, how can I make sure the driver is aware of them?

Mention this when registering your child with Public Transport Authority. We will contact you to make arrangements and define our driver’s role in assisting your child while on the bus.

I’m not happy with something, who should I contact?

Call Helen, on 0428 276 031 to discuss the issue.

My child requires a car seat for travel, does the contractor provide this?

Yes, indeed. Please make this clear to your driver.

If I’m not there to pick up my child when the bus arrives; what happens?

  • Attempt to contact the parent and arrange to meet at another bus stop, wait for a short period to ensure they are not just running late, but reasonably only up- to two minutes to ensure you remain on time.
  • If you are unable to contact the parent, you may drop the student at a pre-arranged drop-off location, or keep the child on the b us and return to their stop after you complete the run.
  • If necessary, and if appropriate, you may consider delivering the child to their house.
  • Then let the bus contractor know what you have done.

Can my child eat or drink on the bus?

Please ask your driver.

My child is complimentary. What does this mean?

If the bus reaches capacity and a new, non-complimentary child, requires transport, your child will not be provided transport on the bus.