5 reasons a group tour experience in Albany WA will show you more

5 reasons a group tour experience in Albany WA will show you more

You’ve travelled all day by bus, plane or car to your next destination.  You’ve got notes in your phone and on the map. Marks for all the things you want to see.  You’re physically tired, mentally exhausted.  What to do first?  Book a tour experience and get rare insights. If you’re in Albany WA, book one with us.

Not sure why a group tour experience is right for you? Read on for five reasons why our customers love our small group tours and how they’ll save you time, money and brain space while showing you more than you could have ever imagined.

1.   Tour leaders know more than what you can find in on Google or in a travel guide, and they’ll answer your questions too!

We imagine as a traveller you love to do the research.  You’ve got a good idea of what you want to see and you’ve Googled too.  But a local guide will always have knowledge, more deeply held and passionately delivered.  They know about the secret local hotspots; how to handle the weather; the best time of day to be at your destination. And they know how to navigate the traffic!  These are the things the travel sites and maps can’t tell you, and they don’t answer your questions in real-time either.  The best way to learn is to ask a local – like one of our Tour Guides.

2.   Learn from other travellers about their experiences

When you share one of our luxurious vehicles with others, you get the opportunity to learn about their experiences.  Not just in our town, but from all of their travel destinations.  You never know, where inspiration for your next trip will come. You may even make lifelong friends.  But don’t worry, if you’re a little shy, our tours have free time so you can soak up the atmosphere alone.

3.   Enjoy the scenery along the way

It’s so nice to be driven around.  Our part of the world has magnificent landscape, (and great wine) so you don’t want to get stuck behind the wheel.  Take in the local flora, the beach views, the heritage buildings and more.  And maybe on the way back, you can take a little snooze.  Why not, you’re on holiday.

4.   You get VIP perks

Our tours have been honed over years of experience.  We take you to the best locations in a luxury vehicle.  Our relationships with venues means our patrons get the best service possible and be front of the line!  You’ll never have to think about booking ahead for a table, wondering which winery to go to and how to navigate there.  That’s all been done for you!

5.   Time and money savings mean you’ve got more of both to enjoy on your holiday

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to save a little time and money, especially on holiday?  You’ll get spoiled with complimentary pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation. No fuel cost getting lost looking for something. Spend more time relaxing rather than planning, as that is done for you.

Here are our tips for planning time in a new city:

  • Decide your interest – nature, food & wine, history, indigenous culture, arts
  • Book early to get your spot on tour as there may be capacity limits.
  • Factor in some downtime to just sit and listen, smell, watch and see what the locals are doing.

Here at Busy Blue Bus Tours, we’ve been working with AAT Kings tour groups since 2019.  On their 11-day ‘South Western Escape‘ tour, guests get a choice when they arrive in Albany.  They can choose to do a half-day tour to The Gap, or the National Anzac Centre, a walking tour ‘About Albany’ or a full-day ‘Tasting Delicious Denmark‘ tour. That’s if they don’t want a day off!!

We hope you are ready to book your Albany tour with us.  Click here to make your reservation.

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