Bremer Bay Canyon Tour to experience the amazing Orcas

See the Orcas in Bremer Bay – a true bucket-list experience

One of the biggest treasures in the Great Southern region of Western Australia (and there are many!), is the Bremer Bay Canyon.  In 2013, this unique part of the world was shown to the masses for the very first time in a documentary called The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator.  From this moment, the hype surrounding the two dozen deepwater rifts running up to the continental shelf edge along southern West Australia continued to grow.  Visitors have seen an abundance of marine life in this area including Killer Whales, whale sharks, stripped dolphins, sperm whales, and birds such as the petrel and shearwater.

How was the Bremer Bay Canyon discovered?

The Canyon is about about 60km off the coast of Bremer Bay and was discovered by wildlife observer Dave Riggs and his team while they researched the area between 2005 and 2013.  They were looking for Blue Fin tuna but what they found was a marine hotspot where they consistently saw Orcas, giant squid, and other rare marine life like beaked whales throughout the summer months.

How to get close to the action (and the Orcas)?

Since the release of the documentary, the Bremer Bay Canyon has become a favourite for local and international visitors every summer.  Family-owned business, Naturaliste Charters, became the first to offer 8-hour world-class expeditions to the Canyon so that we can see the incredible marine life for ourselves.  Their tours are led by marine biologists who provide live, educational commentary so you know exactly what you are seeing.  They know how to monitor the weather forecast to allow for the best vantage points and they pride themselves on respecting both the environment and the wildlife.

Bremer Bay Canyon Tours

How to get to Bremer Bay?

Once you board the Alison Maree (Nautraliste Charters’ luxury vessel), you are in for 8 hours of excitement and hospitality and the last thing you want is to drive to and from Bremer Bay from Albany since it’s a 2hr drive and 180km each way on a remote section of highway.  Plus, when driving from Albany you’ll be heading into the sun in the morning and again when you drive home.  Instead, let us take you in our extremely comfortable vehicle.  You might even nod off on the way home – you wouldn’t be the first!

Let us show you more by taking you on this bucket-list experience this summer.  You can book your Killer Whale Expedition with Busy Blue Bus and Naturaliste Charters by clicking here.

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